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So, I had a thread up called "WHY acne is so 'wrong'" and I thought I should go further on the topic.

Anyways, I assume that many people know this already, but the reason we have acne is mostly genetics, and only an estimated 10-20% is actually your fault, for example, my father had acne and I took his genes, I like everything he likes, we eat the same basic thing and I guess I have to take over his side on acne, when my mother had no acne. This is the same for fat, but fat is easier to manage in the sense that it's more your fault and genetics has more of an effect on skin.

If you would like to know if your acne is genetic or not, go to relatives, and ask your grandparents, or your parents if they had ever dealt with acne, if it is genetic your acne will be much, much worse to deal with medication. Say for example, if it wasn't genetic and it was just stress, you could meditate, sleep more often or just have some stress-relieving method to help your acne, followed by medication.

I know that some of this info might be wrong but for the most part science doesn't know much about acne in the terms of what can cause it, I assume that genetics would be harder to deal with in terms of medication, because it feels like a very plausible statement.

Lifes NOT fair :(

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