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Experiences with private derms in the UK?

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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone who has seen a private dermatologist could tell me what sort of attitude they have towards patients asking specifically for certain procedures/prescriptions. Are they generally willing to go with your (educated) wishes on the matter, even if they personally believe your case isn't serious enough to warrant what you want? I'm aware that it probably varies between specialists, but what's the general feeling there? Only having experience with the NHS I'm not really sure what to expect.


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im in london and see a private derm. i first saw him four years ago when my acne was mild-moderate depending on what i was using (topicals, antibiotics, blah blah). on my first consultation he asked what i had tried, and i explained i couldnt get roaccutane on the NHS as my acne wasnt severe, although it was really affecting me and i needed to sort it out after 5 years with it. he gave me a perscription that day, i got the pills from a pharmacy round the corner, and started it that evening. i did have to do a blood test, and the results came back that my cholestral was real high, higher than it should be to go on the drug. but i agreed to have regular blood tests for the first couple of months and as there was no change he was happy for me to continue. i think when you are paying privately you have much more say in what you want. it can be pricey though, i paid £200 a month for the consultation and the pills, and did 30mg a day for 7 months. it worked great, i was clear by month 3, and i am just now having some trouble again unfortunately 4 years later. i woudlnt hesitate to go on it again.

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