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Acne ruined my life

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:sad: Hi guys,

Here is my acne story..

I'm 15 years old, i live in France (Saint-tropez, south) one year ago my acne started, very light, few spots on my front head, i didn't do anything about it because i didn't cared, my mom told me it will disapear if i don't touch it.

Well then, 3months after that i started having more and more spots of acne..

On my cheecks and front.

I went to the doctor with my mom and he gave me some medications, 2 creams, one for in the morning and one for the evening, and also a cleaning gel.

I did this for 1 month, my red acne disapeared and it became flat red spots, allmost invisible, i was realy happy so i stopped putting the stuff on my face what the doctor told me to do :wall::wall:

2 weeks after that, it started like before, my mom bought again a cleaning gel and a cream for evenening and morning, i did it, and it didn't work at all, it only began worse, since then my face is getting worser every month.

Now (4/5 months of HEAVY acne) my life is ruined, i used to have a nice sunny face, what now nothing more than a ugly disguisting face is.

My girlfriend broke up with me, i don't want to go outside anymore, my life is ruined, when i look at my self in the mirror and see my face, i almost start to cry.

What used to be a good looking teenager, is now an ugly red bubbled monster!!! :redface2:

Yesterday my mom bought me again some new stuff (very expensive, 25€ for cleaning gel, 54€ for the cream).

- Avène - Soapless gel cleanser (Oily, blemish-prone sensitive skin)

- Avène - Diacnéal cream (Treatment care for acne pronse skin, Smoothes skin surface)

I will be posting pics this week, i really hope this will work before the new school year.

Anyone with experience can help me giving some tips?

See you guys and girls wink.gif

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If your Girlfriend broke up with you becasue you broke out, you do not need her in your life. She is worthless to you and others. First I would reccommend you treat your acne very aggresively as it seems to be tough strain of bacteria. Do not let it get out of control and start scarring your skin forever. See a Dermatologist right away and get topicals and perhaps oral antibiotics, IF YOU NEED THEM. From what you have said I believe you would benefit from a short run of some sort of ANTIBIOTIC. Relax though, your young and this happens. I have been breaking out since i am 16 and now 25. Lets hope you do not get to that point. please take your Medicine exactly as doctor gives you and do not stop until he says. Discontinuing medications repeatedly can cause bacterial resistance and Even tougher cases of acne to surface! Good luck and REMEMBER, Your not ugly !

Smoothbeamin.. B)

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well .. hihi .. I am in the united state .. and i have been breaking out since when i was 15 and now i am 16 ,,, it is suck to have that freaking thingy.

I odn't know what to use too... there is one kind of ance pill .. it called Loma Lux Acne Pill ... you can buy it without prescripito .. I DIDN'T BUY IT YET ??

well .. anyone try that product before.... ????? did it get you an initial breakout ????

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ive tried just about every perscription drug, with the exception of accutane, and none have worked. i would reccomend going on a sugar/processed white flour diet, and using the regimen.

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Dont listen to that guy about the diet....just dont overeat and you'll be fine on that account. The regimen will improve your skin no matter what ,but you need to start thinking about antibiotics such as minocycline. Go to a dermotologist who will presribe you antibiotics and benzaclin...non-medicated creams wont do much at all.

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I agree 100% with yossarian! You need to go see a dermatologist (aka skin doctor) to treat your acne. I went on the antibiotic minocylin and the topical benzyclin and it cleared me up perfectly for a year... then it went downhill since my face became immune to the antibiotic (and my derm took me off benzyclin, the biggest regret i have)

I also think that your diet doesn't have that much to do with your skin. Some people in my family say it does, but I really disagree. I think if you personally see that a certain food tends to make you break out (chocolate really does something to me... don't know why, or even if its true... but i try and stay away from it) - obviously stay away from it. But there has been no proof stating that food has anything to do with your complexion.

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