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Computer aggravates acne?

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Ok so I want to revive this idea of me that gaming/computering will aggrevate acne.

Why? Well gaming:

Gaming will mostly evolve action, winning and losing. The winning will raise your testerone levels. The losing will cause stress. The action will get you in a pumped up stressy state.

In general:

The bright light of the screen will make sure our sleep gets disrupted.

So we have: bad sleep, stress and hormone inbalances.

What do you think?

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I completely agree with the gaming & stress part, I used to get so annoyed at losing, I'd feel so angry! So I tried just being calm, not stressing out over the game, listening to some nice music while I play and I have to say I wasn't getting as many breakouts. I don't game at all now and I just feel better overall. Stress is certainly a big factor with me, anyway.

I use my computer quite a lot and It doesn't really disrupt my sleep though.....

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I play games all the time and doesn't give me acne. People are becoming seriously stupid creating myths. However it does cause wrinkles and bloodshot eyes if you stare at it too long.

I get 8 hours of sleep each night, I control my emotions when playing, excersize, eat right and I take breaks often. If you get stressed out, thats whats causing your acne. Excersize will take care of stress.

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myths, i explained why i think it will cause worse acne. It are valid reasons. If you think its not true tell me why.

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I think that computers pretty much epitomize humans' divergence from our "natural" habitat/environment. Looking at acne, so many things we say help/hurt acne (and health) deal with eating the right foods for our body, and getting sleep, sunshine etc... all things to help us get back in sync with how we are supposed to be.

This doesn't mean computers "cause" acne, but if you are avoiding daylight to play games, or sitting on your ass all day, or staying up way late at night to play or browse internet, then yes it may contribute to acne. If you are getting sunshine, plenty of exercise, eating well, then I think that even a couple hours of gaming won't do you any harm.

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totaly true, besides the things I already said. Computers and mostly gaming can get really get you of the healthy/natural living style.

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