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I have purchased these things to try and get rid of my acne

Vitamin C 1000mg

Vitamin E 400 IU

Opti Zinc 30 mg

Selenium 200 µg

Magnesium 150 mg

Carlsons Fish Oil (had before, taking 1 teaspoon morning and evening)

Udo's choice (had before taking 1 tablespoon morning and evening)

I just wonder how many you would recommend to take a day, and WHEN and if some combined with eachother for better results or the opposite.

I was thinking about taking 60 mg of Opti Zinc just before going to bed..should I take magnesium at the same time or what?

Please help me with what I should take in morning and night. or throughout the day. I'm clueless


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I would start with only zinc, since it doesnt help everyone...

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I would take all of those things, back to the store and get a refund. Then jog to your local grocery store and get some broccoli, onion, and berries.

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hehe good old drizzler :D

food is always a better source, however it can be hard to get the vitamins/minerals with modern agriculture

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I also agree with the other poster here. Take everything back. While I do think vitamin/holistic health is the way to go, I've been the down the road with countless different vitamin supplements. Please take a minute and look into AcneScript. I do not work for the company but I have been on it for 2 months now and it really does help. It has the zinc in it like you're taking, along with vitamin b5 to cut down oiliness, and garlic and other herbs to boost your immune system and help heal everything a lot faster and protect you form breaking out so bad. It's really worth at least trying. They offer you a super cheap price to try it, and a 100% money back guarantee. Just look into it. Message me if you want to see my progress pictures during the last two months while taking it (with absolutely no other supplements either). And also I have a log here on the boards. Check it out. Oh, and if you order, do me a favor and say that SKguy from Acne.org recommended it to you!

But seriously, just try it. :)

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we need vitamins, definitly, but not from supplements alone. And vitamins alone are not likely to clear your acne,but it could likely improve it. nor are vitamins/minerals the only factor to health and well being,for example, stress/emotional well being, excercise, exposure to darkness and sunlight, are all other factors.

synthetic minerals are hard to absorb and over the long term may bind with other minerals that you are trying to get and be flushed out of the body causing more imbalances. the best mineral forms i believe are amino acid chelated minerals by Albion laboratories. Mercola's multi vitamin uses these, i say take mercolas multi, its is the best available i have found, and you only take two capsules which are a powder not a hard tablet so i believes its more likely to be absorbed then a tablet. It only contains trace minerals and not macro minerals like MG, potassium, calcium, etc, which are better absorbed from food anyways.

The best source of vitamins will be from food, particulary organically grown which has been found to have 25% more minerals and vitamins compared to commercially grown. For vitamin absorbtino we need the whole food to absorb the vitamins.

Im assuming you want the best right? yes you do.

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hehe good old drizzler :D

food is always a better source, however it can be hard to get the vitamins/minerals with modern agriculture

this is true, and it is equally hard to verify what the hell is actually in the food we eat. We "hope" what is printed on the labels is close to the truth.

mineral and vitamin content very from farm to farm, state to state and also relation to equater and east coast or west coast, and commercial vs organic. I read this fact in a wicked cool study on the mineral variations in produce in the U.S.

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