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About four weeks i had about ten cysts on my face and twenty cysts across my shoulders...now I have a whitehead on my head, a couple of scars and one cyst on my shoulder plus some scars. I'll tell you what I did so that it might help somebody out there who was like me...

First of all, I cut out all high glycemic foods and started eating low glycemic green vegetables each day...and almost immediately my skin produced like about 1/4 as much oil as it was...plus I started feeling a lot better, not up and down and moody during the day.

Second, I started taking vitamin b, zinc, calcium and omega 3.

Third, I use a salicylic 2% wash morning and night AND a little bit of 5% benzoyl wash mixed with cetaphil after it morning and night. After showering at night, I apply a neostrata 15% glycolic acid solution.

Thats it. I got some peeling with the glycolic initially, but you can rub the dead skin off in the shower. Now my skin looks the best it ever has. I can say I actually have something of an even complexion now, rather than shitty skin covered with cysts.

Hope it helps somebody because I feel your pain smile.gif

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Aha! I'm starting to see a trend here. Those are the same active ingredients I use in topicals (I don't do the diet etc aspect), and the same active ingredients in that Doctor's regimen that has been on tv for clearing acne in 6 weeks. (I'm stopping the use of the benzoyl peroxide in my regimen, but that's just a side note) I think the three ingredients, SA, GA and BP together are really miraculous. I think after you kill off the acne, the SA and GA alone might be enough to keep it away completely, because they're clearing out your pores so nicely. Anyway, congrats, and thanks for sharing, it makes me feel my theory of products that worked for me are universally good. (Plus I think it would still work, but a little more slowly WITHOUT any BP at all for those allergic to BP)

Oh, that link to the doctors regimen is here:

Doctor's Regimen From TV / BOOK <Click Here

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