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Please help me stop picking!!!!!!

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i've tried so many times to stop picking but i always relapse!! :(

how can i stop picking?? its destroying my face. i've been picking less and less but i dont know if ill ever actually stop!

has anyone here actually quit picking? how did you do it? i need some motivation!

im going to record my progress on here so i think that will help.

so tomorrow will be day 1 of no picking, wish me luck!

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Go to stoppickingonme.com.

Take a deep breath. Relax. I know exactly how you feel, I've been there a billion times! So have all of us on this website. You are not alone, keep that in mind. Relaxing really helps, too. Stress leads to break outs and often (in my case) picking. Download some meditation and relaxation music. Get a pedicure. Read a good book. Dance all silly to music. Work out. This really helps with stress and boosts happy chemicals in the brain! :D It usually works for me. Hang out with your friends a lot too. Being social removes your focus from your face. (Laughter really is the best medicine!)

Just remember, you will get through this. Hell, I'm on month four and still relapse in times of stress. Relapsing is normal. Habit reversal is one of the toughest things (psychologically) to do. I'm going to see a professional as well. (My picking relates to low self-esteem and perfectionism.)

The website really is wonderful. I hope I helped. Don't worry, this won't be forever, and you will get through it!

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Always think about how picking is bad for your skin. If you really want to get better, you MUST stop doing that. Picking can cause redness (I know it because it happened to me :( )

Wash your face twice a day. Those will be the only times you put your hands in your face.

Entertain yourself if you think you are doing it because of some kind of fixation; play videogames, draw, etc. But STOP picking. Don't even think about it. Fill your mind with different thoughts (:

Good luck.

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