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So it's Day 4 of the regimen for me and my skin looks AMAZING!!! I Have a couple little white heads on both sides of my cheeks but that's pretty much it. Against everyones advice I started with a full fingers length, I assumed my skin could take it being that i've been using BP10% before, and so far so good. Tad bit of dryness around the sides of my nose and that's pretty much it =). I also used AHA for the first time last night, and my skin feels amazingly smooth today..............


I'm afraid im going to be in for a rude awakening...should I brace myself for a crazy breakout? Is there a purge I should be anticipating down the line???? I really hope this is where the acne stops and I finally have it under control....

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An initial clearing isn't that uncommon with The Regimen, since the BP can help dry up any acne that's already at the surface of your skin. It's also not uncommon for this clearing to be followed by a breakout, though. (See the What To Expect page for an idea of how things usually progress.)

Keep in mind, though, that what you're doing isn't really The Regimen, so it's hard to say how your skin will respond.

The Regimen calls for 2.5% BP, and Dan specifically warns against using 10% BP for The Regimen.

From the FAQs:

Q: I can't get a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Can I use a higher concentration?

A: 2.5% is best. However, anything up to 5% should most likely be fine, albeit more drying and no more effective. Avoid 10% preparations which will over dry. One exception is when dealing with pimples on the back. The skin in this area is tough and may withstand 10% nicely. If you can find a 10% much cheaper, feel free to try it on the back.

So why not simply use less of a 10% solution? Through trial and error I have found this does not work. I do not know exactly why using more of a 2.5% solution works better. My educated guess would be that when you use more of the product, there is more available to be absorbed into the skin.

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I *think* she meant that she's using 2.5%, but started out with the full amount since she used to use 10%.

You should brace yourself for the possibility of an initial breakout... but I didn't have one :) Clear from inflammatory acne from day 2 onwards. And the Regimen is all about hope right?

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Even if you have an initial breakout, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Everyone is different; some experience a horrible initial breakout and others experience nothing or close to nothing. I experienced a small breakout, but don't remember anything majorly horrible than what I already had hahaha.

I would be more concerned about doing too much, too early. Using AHA is kinda harsh on your skin when first starting the regimen; and especially since you've started with the full amount of BP it might be a little harsh for your face. You might deal with more redness and/or dryness because of starting with so many products without allowing your skin to adjust. You might get a breakout from it too. It's hard to say really; some peoples skin can handle tons of abuse and others will breakout if they accidentally wash their face too hard one night.

Good luck :)

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