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I ordered my MaxClarity on the 22nd of July...received it one the 25th and started using it on the 26th. It has been about a week now and i have to say, this is the best acne product i have ever used in my life. I wish i knew about this 6 years ago maybe high school would not have been so miserable for me. I was living in a shell because my acne was so bad. Doctors told me i was one of the worst cases they had ever seen before.

TO get clear i used the Tretinoin, that got most of my cystic acne away and all the pimples but i was still left with some scarring and discoloration. THe Tretinoin does not seep deep enough to clear scars. THat is where the MaxClarity foam steps in and does its miracle. It seeps down into your pores and extrapolates all the dirt, and the scarring just magically disappears. Most of my dark spots are gone in less than a week of use!! MY skin has never been this clear!!!!! EVeryone is starting to notice.

I really had an open mind going into this regimen and i think that is one of the reason i have seen results. People who expect the worst, tend to get the worst results......PSYCHOSOMATIC!!!! the best thing is to have an open mind and just TRY IT!!!! DONT EXPECT IT TO FAIL!!!!

IT is the best 20 bucks i have ever spent!!!! I would pay 1000 dollars per bottle for it, if it came down to it. It is amazing.

It is lighter than any formula i have ever used. IT does not dry out the skin. THe Foam is great because it penetrates the skin faster and easier. bottom line is: i LITERALLY have used every single product on the market for acne. OVER the COUNTER, PRESCRIPTION, you name it. I work at a pharmacy so i have my pick of products. This is the best i have ever tried. My skin looks the way it did when i was 10 that was the last time i had clear skin. I can finally say am proud of my skin and i no longer wish i was someone else with someone else's skin. iam happy being me with my skin. im comfortable in my own skin and that is the best gift i have received through this product. :surprised::dance:



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