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I have been using the AcneFree system since July 7. I have definitely seen some results from it--most of the small bumps I had all over my face have gone away, my skin where I don't have pimples is smooth, the clusters of blackheads I had previously are gone, and the pimples I get seem to be clearing faster than they did before.

During the first week I noticed some major clearing; but then I started to break out, somewhat worse than before. I thought it was purging, because instead of one or two zits popping up in a certain area, I was getting a whole cluster, and some areas--my forehead and the area around my nose--stayed clear after the second week or so. But, after several 'rounds' of these clusters appearing and then apparently clearing, followed by another cluster, I'm starting to wonder if I am purging or the treatment just isn't working. I'm even getting cysts popping up on my cheeks in random places.

All that said, the AcneFree does seem to be treating the spots I'm getting. So, if the BP (in the AcneFree) is treating the pimples effectively, it SHOULD eventually stop them from forming, right?

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Threads merged. There's no reason to cross-post. If your thread isn't getting any replies, feel free to bump it back to the front page by posting a reply in it. Even something as simple as "Bump." works.

Many acne treatments can take a few months to work to their full effect. Acne can take a while to form in the skin before it appears at the surface, so you may just be dealing with acne that had already started forming before you started your treatment.

That said, if you're getting more severe acne than you were before starting Acne Free, it may just not be the right treatment for you. I say give it another month or so, and if it doesn't seem to be getting any better, you may want to start looking for an alternative treatment.

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Again, sorry...I was just looking for the regimen users' point of view on how long bp takes to work and stop breakouts (so I started a new thread in that forum rather than bumping my other post, couldn't find a way to delete that one). Didn't realize the regimen forum is only for strict regimen users :blush: so I am screwing up all around! lol

Anyway, thanks for the input. I thought that may be it, but I wasn't sure if that part of the process should be over already. Not sure if my current breakout is more severe than before--probably about the same, so I guess I'll stick it out a while longer.

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Haha, no worries. It's just easier for people to navigate the boards and find the information they're looking for if threads are posted in the appropriate boards. ; )

I hope things work out with your treatment.

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