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scars and the sun

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Has anyone noticed thier scars look worse after being in the sun for long periods of time? Is thier an explanation for this?

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I tend to think that mine look better, they tend to blend, but I could see how the sun might create greater contrast in tone between some scars and the surrounding skin due to pigmentation differences in the scarred tissue...??? Just a WAG.

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I haven't been tan in 8 years shock.gif

Anyway, are you talking about red marks or indents? I think it can make either look better, but the Sun is drying and may make the scars look worse. Also the Sun can be bad for you if it is not done in moderation and don't forget it depletes collagen which makes scars more visible and slows healing.

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Sun exposure is known to make scars worse in the long run.

Scar tissue tans differently than regular skin and can be permanently discolored from sun exposure.

I think if you have really old scars, that may not be the case, but if they are within a year of the initial 'wound' it is not good to expose them to sun.

Sun does seem to help some types of acne, I think by drying out the skin and kiling bacteria with UV radiation.

But, it is a double edged sword because of the scar issue.

Best to always use sunscreen for your skin's optimal health anyway.

Any benefit that sun exposure gives you will be the same only slower if you use sunscreen,

and you are much less likely to damage your skin seriously by protecting it. biggrin.gif

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