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Are doctors actually trying to help us get rid of acne?

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I feel that they prescribe us medications that have a 50% chance of working and when we come back in for another appointment with no signs of improvement, they just prescribe us more medications.

More money for them and more stress for us.

Seriously, this is what I am starting to think. So doctors, a big FU.

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I'm sorry you feel that way. I think like anything else there are good and bad doctors. Since acne is so complicated and subjective- they probably can't always tell what will work for a specific person. I feel like my doctors try to help me. Maybe you can find someone a little more personable or supportive? You may feel better.

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I've been going to the derm. for 4 years..and I think he just wants my money quite honestly. He's the physicians assistant there...because I could only get an appt. with him during my spring break 4 years ago. He gave me an antibiotic..and 2 topicals...and I was on the antibiotic for like 18 months...then I finally quit that..and used retin-a and benzaclin for 3 years..and quit the retin-a in january because I switched insurances and they were going to increase my premium to cover that one since it didn't have a generic..so I quit using it. I just use the generic benzaclin now on my face...I quit using it on my chest/back 2 weeks ago...so far nothing drastic has happened...but I'm trying to wean myself off of it because I get so tired of using it every morning and night.

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strwberry2178 - Did any of these drugs or combinations of topicals work for you? Do you still have active acne on your face? Have you considered the possibility that maybe you've grown out of the acne to some extent? Did you mention the insurance problem to your doctor - he might be able to put you on a different retinoid (that maybe your insurance will cover). Generic adapalene (Differin) has just been approved by the FDA!

:evil: I hate hearing stories like this, and hate that people feel like this. Doctors are supposed to be people that we trust, and that have your best interests in mind. And to be honest, as a med student, its kind of embarassing.

Like bek_cogent said, there are good and bad doctors. Don't put up with a bad doctor. If you're not satisfied with your treatment, don't be shy about it. Tell them, "Hey, I'm really not satisfied with the results we've gotten so far. Can we try a different strategy?."

What you have to remember is that for a lot of people, throwing random drugs at them does work.. it's because it didn't work for you that you're here, and that you're frustrated. Not that its any excuse, but it does give some perspective. Different things work for different people, and sometimes there's no way to know but to try...

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The benzaclin and retin-a worked...but not 100%. I would still break out during the month all the time. And my chest and back would always still break out too. I honestly don't remember if they ever worked 100% when I first started using them. My face still breaks out when I use the benzaclin...I even get huge nodules under my skin....so maybe I've become immune to the medicine..I am not really sure.

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It's possible the bacteria have developed resistance to the clindamycin antibiotic, but not the benzoyl peroxide. Honestly I wanna say you should try the regimen, or at least large amounts of Dan's BP.

*Talk* to your doctor! Tell him its not working on your face anymore. Tell him you can't afford Retin-A anymore. If you make it clear what your problems are, he will help you. People are scared to tell doctors what they need - when that's exactly their purpose - to serve your health needs. If he doesn't respond to your situation like you're an individual person, and not a nameless patient - get another doctor immediately, and tell him so.

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I've never seen a dermatologist but honestly I've been getting the same feeling about companies who make over the counter acne meds. Why would they make products that actually work? Just think of all the stuff people buy, even after they've seen basically the same product fail over and over again? It's just as, if not more, profitable for them to make crappy products because they know desperate people will just keep buying more stuff when something isn't working. I doubt corporations care more about our skin than they do about making money, no matter what claims they make. I guess I've just become more and more distrustful of big businesses but I think it's justifiable; you should always question things when it comes to people trying to profit off of you. When a company grows so big and so many people have stake in its success, ethics and any real concern for customers usually get blown out the window and it's pretty disgusting.

As far as doctors though, I would have a little more faith in them. They became doctors for a reason and personally I think it's one of those things that is almost impossible to do if you don't have some sort of passion for helping people. Yes there's money at stake but it's not like the businessmen who sit in a big office and don't see the people they're ripping off. Anyways, if you don't feel that your doctor has YOUR best interest at heart, switch doctors, as others have said. But keep in mind that doctors don't always know exactly what will help you for sure; it takes some trial and error sometimes. Plus maybe the drug companies are fooling them too. Who knows haha

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