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Clear liquid filled bump?? is this acne?

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i'm stressing out. i doubt anyone is going to help me identify this but it can't hurt to try.

this is not a white head. it may not even be acne. i just noticed them today after i cleansed my face with CeraVe hydrating cleanser. (i've been cleansing a lot. i think i did it 4x today.)

the lesions are clear, very tiny, looks similar to something that appeared on my eyelid once (but that went away. i don't know if these will). 1 is located near the rim of my nose. 2 on my chin. they are not skin colored. if i pop it i think a clear fluid will spill out...

what do you think this is? an allergic reaction?

i am also breaking out with a lot of comedonal acne. i stopped using the scrub that i thought caused the problem. i stopped using one of my cleansers that contained a detergent. i am using a hydrating cleanser so i skip the moisturizer ( my skin feels supple but prickly). what am i doing wrong?! :(

i also have one more question. can exfoliation itself cause someone to breakout in comedones? for example, if i used a baby brush gently every morning with my cleanser will i breakout in whiteheads or blackheads?

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to put it simply it looks like a bubble filled with clear fluid. jeez i make this so complicated. :[ so much disappointment.

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