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I swear, I am being punished. I have a good face and acne is destroying it. Im on accutane month 2 - and my skin just looks shit. What the hell, I though this is supposed to be a miracle cure - what a joke of a medicine.

And as for my dermatologist the idiot only put me on it for 4.5 months, why so little - shall I ask him to extend it, it want even have a chance to get better by then!!? 70mg per day

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I think you are only on 4.5 months because of your dosage, because it's high so you have to do less time because the point is getting to certain mgs I think, so people who are on 20mg a day are on it for more time.

And if you have a good face then don't worry about acne :) a little blemishes won't make you ugly, and in a couple of months you'll be clear again :)

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Gotta be patient there. Most people don't start seeing visible improvements while on accutane until month 3; lots even later then that even. So just stick with it, don't forget to take any of your pills, get plenty of fresh air, drink a lot of water (while trying to avoid a lot of sugary foods/drinks) and you should indeed see substantial improvement 1-2 months from now.

Oh and talk with your derm about going on it for 5-6 months rather than 4.5. You can also ask for a dose increase to 80mg per day if you'd prefer as well to try and expedite the results and give yourself a better chance of it not coming back. I was on 80mg for 5 months and it worked excellent.

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Oh I know the feeling:( just keep in mind it'll get worse before it can get better. My doc. won't allow me on accutane so I'm using retin-A and it's bringing up whatever was hiding deep in my skin + my face is pretty scaly for now, but it's working.

You still have time to see results don't give up!

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Accutane isn't a joke of a medicine, it cleared many people's skin, including mine. If my acne wasn't so persistent it might have cleared it for good. I was still breaking out 3-4 months in, in fact I probably broke out til the end of treatment. Then after that it was clarity.

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