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nicky baby

facial hair on males

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im 18 and alll of my friends who have beards or facial hair have completely clear complextion without any acne.. i hear from them that with hair comingout of the pore it cant be clogged without an ingrown hair

i just finished accutane and im clear but left with some post red marks and some scars.. i also facial flush so i wanted to know if growing some facial hair would be a good idea.. and if accutane affects facial hair

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i know most males who are acne prone tend to like beards, i did myself, because it hides some of your skin, and that area has hair, so technically, its "clear" of acne because the spots you might have aren't noticeable in between the hair. also, managing the skin and shaving can sometimes be tough and cause irritation and such. just things like that.

if you want to grow a beard, go for it. but its not like thats the ultimate solution.

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Most males who get a whitehead or a redness around their hair follicle is because it is inflammed. This is known as folliculitis or can be an ingrown hair (also a folliculitis). Many people get mixed up between acne and this skin infection (i did). Im using a cream called Fucidin 2% for this reason. I havent had any problems after it. Maybe you are suffering from this same skin infection, its very common look it up.

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