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pros and cons(acne related)

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how has acne impacted your life? what are the pros & cons?


I became a better student in school

I no longer judge people by their looks

I'm a nicer person

I take care of my face more than I ever did before I had acne


I don't care how I dress because in my mind no matter what I wear, I will look ugly anyways

very quiet

low self esteem

I get paranoid whenever someone gets close to my face


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- Made me more disciplined, intelligent, patient, hard working, etc.

- Made me eat healthier and take better care of my skin, including sun protection


- Made me insecure and jealous

- Made me obsessive and compulsive

- Made me spend A LOT of money

- Made me fight a lot with my family and with myself

- In general, has just made my life a lot harder and complicated than it needs to be

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I... Honestly have nothing positive to say about acne, Maybe that its made me appreciate clear skin more, But other then that it hasn't really made me grow as a person, Or more disciplined, Or judge people less (I never really cared about other peoples appearance, Still don't)

All its done is make me miserable, And sad, And lonely, And even avoid my own family.

Acne sucks, And it always will.

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I guess you can put a positive spin on Acne.. But to me, there really are no "pros" of having it. I'm much more happy without having it now :]

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