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I think I might've found the cheat code to papules...

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Let's start this off by saying my favourite subject is Biology.

Anyway, since about a couple of years ago, I've been getting pimples on my chin. It's probably caused by hormone imbalances in my body. They've started out as whiteheads and gradually, with every "time of the month", the new ones were bigger than the last ones. This continued on and on, and after many scars later, they've levelled up to full-blown monster papules which are like... 1cm in diameter on the first day, no joke. >.<

They're big, swollen and painful when I try poking it. (which probably means that I can't squeeze it even if I somehow popped it) So, I was doing some revision for a test one night and then, I got to the sub-topic of osmosis.

"The movement of water particles from an area of high water potential to an area of low water potential through a semi-permeable membrane."


So, being the crazy person who experiments her theories on her own face, I dissolved a lot of salt into a small amount of water until it can't dissolve anymore (saturated) and soaked a cotton pad in it, squeezing out as much water as I can. Then, I press the cotton pad to the monster pimple and flip it over every 10 minutes. After 20 minutes, I threw away the cotton pad and my pimple had become smaller. It kinda... deflated. xD Of course, it'll eventually fill back up with water again, but it'll be much smaller than before.

That was yesterday and after I did it again today, I could clearly see the white-head-dot-thing underneath the deflated-pimple-skin thing. I think, after around 3 or 4 times of doing this salt-thing alongside your usual pimple regime, the monster zit can be vanquished in about 3 days. =)

By the way, I did try this once on an already dying pimple and when I pressed out the white-head-thing, there was almost no water (no duh, it was all osmosis-sised out) and no bleeding. The spot healed and didn't scar or scab.

I thought I'd like to share it with you. =) I hope it helps other people out there. ^-^ And if you did try this out, could you post here what happened and did it work out for you?

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