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You ever try this. I've photoshopped myself to have clear skin. It's hard not to look at it as"What I could've looked like" but I try to use it as a future goal.Its the only thing that keeps me going and searching for a cure.

Before(What I look Like)


After(What I dream and hope to look like someday)


May not be very realistic but hey, if im going to dream im going to dream big lol

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Just browsin' the forums and came across this. Hahaha! Man! You can photoshop well.

You're an inspiration. that really did kick my hopes up. I like to visualize in my head what I would look like cause I don't have that great of photoshop skills. or I figure I can just visualize.

I agree with the dream big (:

Thanks for the post.

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i think a lot of people can relate. i never photoshopped anything but i definitely spent a lot of time just looking in the mirror using my imagination and trying to see what it would look like.

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op tbh ur acne isnt that bad

just kinda red thats all

you dont have cysts or anything, shouldnt leave any scars, will just leave some red marks

that shit can fade easy with the right creams

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Unfortunately I am pretty severely scarred. This is a relatively straight on shot with an equal flash. Gives my skin the illusion of 1 level. My acne can be very cystic depending on what I eat or put on my face. I have seb derm and the bnz i have used forever makes my skin scar from the smallest bump. Red marks are everywhere, indentations, little sink spots, and some icepick. Ive I can clear this then I still wont be THAT bad off. thanks for the possitive support

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