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I went to my doctor today, my acne has been clearing up pretty nicely (i do have a few breakouts every once in a while though). Ive been using Dan's regimen and it seems to be working. While at my doctors office, I asked him about my red marks and he says theyre Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. I am Asian so I apparently have alot of pigment in my skin tone so he wrote me a prescription for Urea Cream and he claims it should really help out with the redmarks. My prescription is a generic Urea Cream (40% Urea), has anyone used this with any luck?? He says its supposed to promote faster skin regeneration.

He recommended washing my face, apply Urea Cream, wait till it dries and then rinse it off, then proceed with Benz Peroxide and finally mosturize. (twice a day). Does that sound like the correct use of the Urea Cream or should the steps be different??

Thanks :)

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so its been nearly a week since i first posted about the Urea Cream. After using the cream for 2 times a day, i can say that i am seeing positive results! First off, i havent had a breakout for nearly a week now (idk if that was due to the use of the cream at all). Secondly, some of my red marks have significantly gotten lighter in color with only a week of use! I still do have red marks but they seem to be fading relatively quickly. I will continue to use the Urea Cream until it runs out, but the results seem to be fantastic for such a short time of use so far! I took some "before" pics and i plan on taking some "after" pics in about one month of use, so im excited to see the comparison!

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so how is it going? I see a 20% cream on line and I'm thinking about it for the hyperpigmentation scars on my back...don't need a perscription for this one.

keep us posted!

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