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Frustrated with acne

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I'm 16* years old, and trying to get my face a little bit clearer before i start my last year of school..

Currently, situation is pretty much only on my cheeks for some reason. I rarely get pimples on my nose, chin, forehead etc though I do always seem to find them on my cheeks and beside my eyes.

Right now i'm mostly drinking water, and quite a bit of it. I wash my face when i wake up and before i go to sleep with a cleanser, and then apply a 5% bp cream

I've been doing this for 5 weeks or so, and i have seen little improvement. At random occurences it sometimes burns when i apply it. I seem to be getting pimples just as frequently as I used to, that's not my main issue though.

Every time I get a pimple, when it finally goes away it leaves a dark bloaty flat spot, that i just don't know how to get rid of. I have somewhat lighter-tan skin and it's blatantly darker, in collaboration with other pimples it just makes my cheeks look awful. I'm not sure what to do or if there's something I can do to get rid of these marks, because they're extremely annoying/unattractive.

I would go to a dermatologist, and i've asked my mom if she would help me out by taking me to one but as of now she doesn't want to, even when i offer to pay

Could anyone help me out, I really just need my BEST BET for getting clearer skin before i get back to school, i'm really desperate. I thought doing something like the regimen here would help me a lot but i've yet to see noticeable improvement

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Press going to the derm as much as you can.

The regimine wont work fast enough anyways, I'm assuming school for you starts within 2 months or so and if that is so then you will probly just be worse off on the regimine.

Force your mom to take you to the derm get Acutane finish it.

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Yeah school starts in about a 5-6 weeks for me and I just need something that will improve my skin a bit because i'm going to a new school so it'd be pretty awful to go with lots of acne

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Well, for me, my skin has started getting better when I was doing my honey scrub-masks, which is basically honey, a little green tea, apple cider vinegar (it will stink, so be prepared if you're willing to use acv) and sugar. There are proportions to the thingie but basically, I rub the stuff on my face.

The honey is an antibacterial and moisturiser, the green tea is an antioxidant, the apple cider vinegar is a scar-remover (but it doesn't work overnight, my scars got lighter gradually) and maintains the skin pH (which is slightly acidic) and the sugar is an exfoliant which scrubs away the dead skin cells and draws out the dirt from pores. I scrub for a few minutes and then leave it on for about 10 or 15 minutes. I do this bi-weekly and after a few weeks, I managed to get an almost perfect face.

However, this is my method. Please keep in mind that everyone's skin is different and what works for me might not work as well on you. Keep experimenting with the stuff that you have.

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As for your discolourations, I think the scrub-mask stated above is quite a good thing to add to your regime if you want your scars to slowly fade. Mine were gradually fading and over time, needed less concealer to cover up. I use a tinted blemish stick to conceal. No real makeup as it clogs the pores.

But, if you're willing to hurt a little to lighten the discolourations on your skin, I recommend freshly squeezed lemon juice. No bottled ones. Just squeeze some out and apply on the spot with a cotton bud. Don't try to be brave and smear it all over your face with a cotton pad. The pimples on your face will start to burn like crap. >.< Trust me, it hurts. Anyway, the spot might be reddish and quite scary-looking after you've washed it out (keep it on for about 15 minutes) but by the next day, it should be significantly lighter. But be careful, I don't recommend leaving it overnight as the lemon juice is actually bleaching your skin. So yeah, I don't think anyone would leave bleach on their face overnight...

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