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I have mild/moderate acne. I tried a whole slew of topical treatments. Went on doxycycline hyclate for a little over 2 months, did pratically nothing for me except give me a swollen gland and an ear infection. When i went to a medical center for my ear and mentioned I'd been taking doxy, the doctor told me I did not need that and wrote me a prescription for epiduo. I started using it two days ago and I can already see DRASTIC improvements. In some areas where I'm prone to breaking out a few new bumps have emerged, however since epiduo brings issues to the surface before clearing it I expected this to happen. My face is a little dry and itchy, but no burning sensations. I use Clean and Clear deep scrub facial wash both at night before my application of epiduo and also in the morning to help exfoliate the dry skin, however I'm considering switching to more gentile wash. The medical center doctor also said I should try applying, no joke, diapper rash creme during the day. It's called desitin and it has 40% zinc oxide which is what some people use when they get microdermabasion. Havent picked it up yet, but I figure I'll give it a shot too. So far I'm really happy with the epiduo, i just wish it didn't make my face itch so much. It's really hard not to scratch, but i'm doing my best. Anyways. I'll update you all on my progress, but honestly epiduo is the best treament i've ever been prescribed. WORTH EVERY PENNY. I've also started taking a hair nails and skin vitamin supplement and vitamin d. And i'm consuming a lot of olive oil and have essentially removed dairy from my diet.

I guess the problem with doing a bunch of new things at once is you don't know exactly what to attribute the successful results to, but literally the first day i woke up after using epiduo my skin was visibly clearer. My co-workers, parents, and friends all commented! :)

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My dermatologist prescribed me Epiduo gel at the beginning of the summer. I used it for a week or two, saw no results, and tried Persa-gel 10, which made my skin SO dry and red. I just started using Epiduo again about 2 weeks ago, and my skin looks so awful. The worst it has ever looked. I don' t think it is at all the Epiduo's fault...I have been taking a multivitamin with Iodine in it, which I think is the cause. I am hoping that the Epiduo helps me before school starts in less than 2 weeks!

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I started Epiduo in the beginning of July. I had the same really unbelievable results but after 2 weeks my mild acne came back, seemingly worse than its ever been. I don't know if I should have tried to ride it out but I ended up stopping the epiduo. I started using some other bp clean and clear products and stuff but it wasn't getting better. Anyway I tried the acne.org regimen a few days ago and just like begining of July... amazing results. I want to switch the epiduo into the regimen instead of the neutrogena on-the-spot bp. Do you think that that's a good idea? I've used differin (adapalene) in the past but never really noticed any good or bad results from it.

Anyway, what do you guys think??

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Guest alex losee

I've been using Epiduo for a few months now and it's been absolutely amazing. It took about a month to kick in, which is annoying, but it has done wonders for me.

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I got both Aczone and Epiduo prescribed to me in May, Aczone (which is supposed to keep your pores open) in the morning, and Epiduo at night before I go to sleep. For about a month and a half I didn't see any improvement, then I saw some improvement for a month and then it got worse for a few weeks and now it's getting better. I still get pimples sometimes, but it's far less frequent than before and the red spots where I used to have pimples are fading away, especially on my forehead. I visited my dermatologist again for a check up a few weeks ago and she told me to keep using it and it's supposed to get MUCH better starting around now, 3 months after I started using it. I hope she's right!

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