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Corey From Illinois

In a change of events/ self help to pickers

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Okay... I've been on Accutane (Clarivis) for 3 days now. I've stopped using bp and only wash my face and moisturize. It's actually incredible the progress I've made, but I doubt the drug has had anything to do with it, lets look in...

- My face almost instantly became more pale when I got off of bp.

- the large acne on my face became a lot more supple and came to a head ( it gets gross from here), at that point when I got out of the shower or even just randomly in the day, puss would ooze out of my face. If I helped it along (gentle nudging), a lot of puss would shoot out followed by a little blood.

- there is more very small acne on my face now, but the big acne and the cysts are going away quickly.

Now, how can this large turn around have happened so fast? Many factors I believe

1: the "placebo effect" of finally being on an acne treatment that's so successful.

2: no longer suppressing my acne but instead letting it take it's course.

so far yay me :)


the other topic I wanted to address was picking... because I occasionally catch myself going for the "two fingered excavator." The whole reason my acne looks as bad as it does in the first place is because I picked. So while I managed to reduce it like 95%, I need help with the other 5%. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Corey from Illinois

P.S. it feels good to have SOME positive news bout my acne... I'm a long way from my goal (completely clear with no red spots in at max 1 year), but so far so good (knocks on wood.).

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Guest beccaboo00

thats great news.

i started using evoo as a moisturizer morning and night and i cant believe it i have no acne on either of my cheeks which is where it was worst (cysts) and only one on my forhead all im dealing with now is scars from also being a picker.

i file my nails as short as theyll go so they dont dig into my skin if i do pick.

keep busy definately thatll keep your mind off picking your skin.

if you do pick take extra good care of it put alot of vit e and neosporin on at night under a bandaid that should help alot healed one of mine in 2 days.

if you feel good about your skin and feel it will only get better, than that should be motivation enough to stop picking.

i dont know if i helped at all i dont have many tips but thats about all i do about my picking and i havent done it in about a week.

good luck.

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