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Healthy way to cure sever (cystic) acne.

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A week ago, I came across a post on this exact message board written by The Acneresearcher.

He explained his self-developed acne care regimen.

Healthy way to cure sever acne.

I also suffered from sever (cystic) acne.

Like it is the case with most cystic acne, I've come to conclusion that my breakouts were hereditary.

(My dad had really REALLY bad acne when he was my age)

So naturally, none of the commercial acne-care products really worked that well for me.

I've tried Proactive for 2 years, A full can of Max Clarity Foam, skin ID, Oxy, etc you name it I've probably tried it.

Some worked for a little bit but not well enough to be happy.

I almost got Accutane but I've read/heard lots of bad things about it so I didn't

so I decided to give The Acneresearcher's regimen a try.

here the link to his post

I couldn't find all the supplements he listed, so I changed up the regimen around a little.

So here's my own regimen.

Supplements I take:

Active Healthâ„¢ Teen Multivitamin by Rainbow light

take 1 - 3 pills a day

(the pills are freaking huge, so I have to break it in half... :l lame)

Nature's way Vitamin B2

take 1 pill a day

Skin Care:

I take a shower every morning AND night.

trust me, this is a MUST. washing your face over the bathroom counter just doesn't cut it.

buy a bottle of Cetaphil cleanser.

Cetaphil is the ONLY product that didn't bother my skin and actually cleansed my face.

make sure your water isn't too hot. warm or mildly cold worked best for me.

Don't rub your towel on your face to dry.

Gently pat to dry.

Then I use Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne treatment cream (contains 2.5% B.P) treat my breakout spots (basically all over my face and neck)

you can probably use any acne care cream that has Benzoyl Peroxide in it. I just had Neutrogena at the time.

Make sure you use a fairly generous amount every time.

Then I let that dry (usually brush my teeth while it dries)

Then I moisturize with Cetaphil "moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin".

Moisturizing is VERY VERY important

Most acne care products dry up your skin

When your skin's dry, your body produces oil to make it NOT dry.

and we all know what causes these goddamn pumps on our faces eh?


I do this every morning and night

Also, invest a little in a couple extra pillow cases, and softer face towels.

Don't use the same towel you use to dry your hair, body, feet, and who-knows-where with.

Also, drink LOTS and LOTS of water.

around half of your weight.

I weight 135lb and I drink at least 75 ounces of water everyday.

(yeah, I pee A LOT, but that's a small price to pay for your beautiful skin)

I've been doing this for a week.

my skin cleared like it has never before.

the total cost of this regime was probably around $100

(I got some nice pillow cases)

From what I heard Accutane costs $700.

Well... if you're reading this post, I know that you probably got nothing else to try.

you got nothing to lose.

But more pumps to feel on your face.

give this a try.

it's a healthy and natural way to clear your skin

be sure that this may not work for EVERYONE.

but don't be discouraged. you'll at least get healthier from all the vitamins you take.

and if it works, you'll be super happy like me.

your pee might look pretty intense. I peed florescent green for a whole day when I first started this. (I heard that's all the excess vitamins your body isn't used to receiving)

other than that, my face is almost to normal

just a few active zits (small ones) and scars.

I wish you best of luck

I guess.. lol

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