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Well, I saw a mini show about this stuff on TV. I decided to try it since I have tried everything else under the sun (except accutaine of course!). I have had acne since I was 10 and I'm now 20 and still suffering from it. My brother is 18 and sees a dermatologist and he is acne free and he had it just as bad as I did. But nothing seems to work. I have been on minocycline and it did wonders, but I hated being on an antibiotic for more than a year. It cancelled out everything else I was using such as my birth control. Since I quit taking minocycline, my birth control only helps with my back and chest acne, but refuses to help out my face. I mostly break out on my chin and cheeks. I'm currently using epiduo and cetaphil, and brevoxyl creamy wash. I also use a clarisonic to get all the dead skin off my face. But this regimen only keeps my breakouts from getting worse, not getting any better.

I'm hoping that this product works. I'm really rooting for it, cause if not, I'm gonna have to make a trip back to the derma. Since break outs start deep down, I'm gonna give it 2-3 months. But I'm already starting to see an improvement. The large pimples on my chin are already starting to dry out after 3 times of use of this system. I know it may be to soon to tell, but I really want this to work.

I will keep updating since this is a new product. I hope everyone else has success.

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