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New to this board,couple of Qs :D

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Im new to this message board,and so far it is great,its good that i can read about experiences from other users,and i hope i can help other people as well as I hope they can help me.

ok,i have had acne for about 3 and a half years(at one time severe,now moderate),long story short,i went to the derm in june and he did nothing for me,he wanted to try things out,and i had 3 months of vacation to treat it,i went to my family doctor,and she prescribed doxycycline,retin-a,and clindamycin,i started monday June 21st,its going to be 6 weeks on monday.I have seen an improvement since i started the medications,but i want to know if anyone has had similar or same experiences with this kind of medication and if it has helped?

I have noticed a couple of new blemishes,a little redness,on my face,and im going into my 6th week,to tell you the truth i feel a little disencouraged,but I know it takes time,and my doctor said that it would be about 6 months until my face is as clear as it is under my eyes,I would complete full 6 months in Decemeber.any advice?thanks in advance :smile:

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Well, patience is the key to improvement. It can take up to a year for you to have perfectly clear skin, in you follow whatever regimen to get clear, to a T. I've tried Minocycline, it worked and cleared me up, but as soon as I finished the course, the acne came back. It was only a defer of the acne over the course of medication. Anyway, I still continued to break out until I found this site. I tried the Regimen, it's working really well, I'm practically clear, just have the acne marks and scars from previous breakouts, which will clear over time.

That's my story. Everyone has a different story, but if you believe this is working for you, stick to it. It's only been just over a month that you've been on this acne medication, so don't give up just yet. Just try to be patient, and hold onto the hope that you'll have clear skin.

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Guest Tracy

I was on doxy, Retin A and clindamycin and none helped my skin at all....then again, my situation was mostly cystic acne and I needed Accutane to get rid of it.

What type of acne do you have?

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thank you liv for your advice.well i have moderate acne,but at times when i breakout i would say moderately-severe,i did have severe acne when it started,now its gotten alot better,the derm told me that my acne wasnt too bad to start accutane,in a way im glad i didnt.The doxy,clinda,and retin have helped alot,but i dont understand 2 weeks ago my skin was looking great,i would say it went down to mild-moderate,and now 2 weeks later i had a breakout,while on meds,i mean i guess its normal cause i still have it,and i cant expect it to go away in 7 weeks.I try to tell myself its going to clear up,and sometimes i do,but at times i get frustrated again.I have hope that this will clear me up,i just have to wait and see,ithank you guys for your advice,and I hope your acne clears up soon.

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