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eating fish/asian stuff lol..

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im not asian but i notice that asians in general have super skin and its always bright and clear and they have less hair (arms, legs) and everything seems perfect about them! my dad said they eat a lot of fish over in japan (or china or any asian country) and i get so upset because as a resident in america ive eaten a lot of junk food (mcdonalds) and stuff like that....i was wondering if i started eating raw fish everyday would that be healthy for me? where can i find fish (the healthy kind) is the fish at ralphs and vons healthy? i just wanna be more asian lol because it seems over in japan they have really good clear looking skin and they age really well (meaning old people look young) has anyone else noticed? i wanna start eating like a japanese person really bad lol! please teach me how and where i can buy fish and stuff like that!!

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I have hairy arms and legs...as does my father! lol Asian countries are not free of acne and their health problems. When I was in China, I saw a number of teenagers with their share of bad skin. Although, in China, much like many countries in the world now, are inundated with Western style restaurants (McDonalds, KFC), so I'm sure that it's having that impact.

Buying fresh fish and eating it properly is not easy and not cheap. You also have to be wary of the levels of toxins and mercury in fish etc.

Lots of research to do!

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okay forget the hair thing lol.....but it is okay if i start eating lots of fish daily? which kinds should i eat? i just notice that in asian countris they consume more fish and their skin is nicer!

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In the US, doctors strongly caution against eating fish for women who want to have children, because of harmful toxins in fish. The only "safe" fish to eat is "wild Alaskan salmon."

Stay away from tuna and anything that says "Atlantic" or farm-raised fish. I saw a number of reports on this topic; there was a doctor on Larry King Live talking about it.

Eat some fish, because it's good for you, but eating a lot of it could be harmful. On farms they put stuff into the water to make the fish bigger, and other bodies of water are dirty with all kinds of crap the factories dump in there.

I don't remember where exactly I heard this, but I do remember that the sources were reliable. Please do some research into this, and ask a few doctors and nutritionists, it could be a big deal.

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