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hi there,

this is my first time doing research on the internet about acne, and this is the first website that i've come across. i'm really desperate to get rid of my acne, which is on my chest, back and t-zone. i've tried lots of things over the past 4 years such as exfoliants (they always seemed to work the best), spot gels, drying face washes, anti biotic gels, you name it, if it's over the counter, i've tried it. i've also tried about 3 antibiotic gels from doctors.

my acne is moderate - it's not too bad but it really gets me down. it especially got me down when i finally convinced my parents to take me to the doctor with it. thinking that the doctor would prescribe something that i've never tried before that was strong, i was surprised when he acted dismissive and said 'there's really no cure. here's an antibiotic for it" i was so upset, how could he just say that? he did say that going on the pill helps, but he didn't even discuss that option with me.

so i've been using this antibiotic gel for 2 weeks now, and i've been exposed to a lot of sun. i didn't want to use sunscreen because the sun seemed to improve my acne and sunscreen seems to be very greasy, which might clog my pores. overall, there hasn't been a major improvement in my acne yet. i wasn't expecting one, since i've used various gels like the doctor prescribed me before, and i wash my face twice a day. i do have a habit of touching my face though, which i must get out of.

the spots on my face are like small cysts. some last about a week, others go after a day or three. everytime a spot clears up, a new one comes along before the irritation cools down. it's really getting me down, i've got my prom in a few weeks and i was so sure that i'd be rid of my acne by then, but now i'm not so sure.

i'm quite lucky, i only get spots in my tzone, i've never gotten a spot on my cheeks. my chin is the worst area, it's been illuminous red for the last 3 years.

can anybody help me with my situation? i really want to give getting rid of my spots a shot, but i need to know if i'm definitely doing the right thing by following the regimen.

thanks for listening!


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Hi Grainne, welcome to acne.org.

I probably won't be the first to suggest this but it sounds like the antibiotic gels haven't been working well for you so maybe you should try Dan's regimen: http://www.acne.org/regimen.html It works for most people with mild to moderate acne.

As for going out in the sun, I would really urge you to wear a sunscreen as the sun can really damage and age your skin. I understand your concerns about it clogging your skin as anything and everything seems to break mine out, but there are oil free non comodogenic moisturisers with SPF that you could use. Neutrogena, Cetaphil and Eucerin make good ones.

There is also a bit of debate over the effects of sun on acne. It may help initially but for many it seems to make our red marks darker and cause further problems in the long run, it breaks some of us out after a while too. But a bit of sun every day is okay, just not too long is probably a good idea.

You'll find lots of helpful info here, you've come to the right place.


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thanks for your welcome, yeah, i think I'm going to try the regimen, i'm praying that it will work! it's amazing how much your self esteem will go down with acne, even if you only have a few spots. what i find the worst is when people call you vain for wanting to have clearer skin.

can you only get bp gel in commercial products or would the average chemist sell it, like the way you can get alcohol, if you get me?

also, have many people here had much success by going on the pill?

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oh, and as well, thinking about it- the only time when my acne went away completely, where i had no new spots at all was when i took penicillin for a week when i had a sore throat. that was such a nice time! but my sister is completely against antibiotics, since you can get immune to them and then if you get really sick you won't be able to fight it.

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