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Has anyone needed to go off accutane due to surgery?

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My 14 year old son has been on accutane 30 mg for 75 days. He is going in for surgery to have his tonsils removed. His dermatologist wants him off his accutane during the 2 week recovery. His face is perfect...the oil is all gone, very little dryness, and not one pimple! What should I expect to happen to his skin while he is off for the 2 weeks. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this!


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Your son should be fine as Roche says in the packet insert that Accutane continues to work up to 2 months after the course is over. I sure 2wks won't make too much of a diffrence.

It is best to follow the advice of the derm as Accutane is know to cause slow wound healing and some have experinced more infections while on accutane.

Good Luck

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wow... i had a very similar scenario not too long ago

i was ordered to have my tonsils removed but i was in the middle of my 2nd month of accutane

i asked my ENT doc and he said i should hold off accutane until I am fully recovered from the surgery. i ended up not getting the surgery tho so im still on accutane as usual

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