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I just want to know whats causing this

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Ok. SO basically, I've never had acne until this year...and I have no idea whats causing it...


I started getting some spots that would turn into wounds, saw a derm, and am now being treated for acne. Which I never had before, give or take a few breakouts around that time of the month. Now I get a spot practically everyday. The weird thing is...they sometimes fade/shrink/dissapear by the end of the day... weird right? But I get new spots EVERYDAY now. On my neck/face/and sometimes chest. I'm really upset because I can't pinpoint whats causing this. (I was also put on birth control to help) But that didnt seem to make a difference. I never get cysts. Just the swollen pinks spots that dont have a head and cant be popped, but they are usually small. Does this sound at all familiar to anyone?

Also remember, they dissapear sometimes by the end of the day....

My derm says I have adult onset acne. And that it's hormonal. But I'm just upset all the time now. Because some days are perfect, while others are a disaster. AND they still turn into wounds. The problem I had in the beginning. And now I have LOADS of scars. Not red marks. SCARS.

Anyone know what might be causing this or had a similar experience? Acne out of nowhere? My thyroid and blood work came back fine. But I have a high cholesterol and only weigh 105... factors?

I'm starting to think the depression this is causing me is also a factor...

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This may not have been the best location to post this I've just realized.... I'm sorry. I just don't know where this kind of question belongs....

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