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I have moderate acne and SEVERE red marks. I hate it, my skin is so sensitive and EVERY little pimple gives me a redmark FOREVER (like say a year or more). In the past I had 2 Vbeams and I saw improvement but then I got pregnant and had to stop. Now I'm off BCP and breaking out worse than ever, so I decided to try Vbeam again. I had my first treatment over a month ago, really saw no difference, but was not discouraged. Then 2 weeks ago today I had treatment #2, and now my skin looks awful. I have like a hundred dark red marks on my face and it looks like I have severe acne. Luckily mineral makeup covers up the worst of it but it still looks bad. If anyone saw me without makeup they would seriously think I had very severe acne.

The doc was more aggression and did a LOT of punches (don't know the word). Is it possible Vbeam can make your red marks worse? What am I going to do?


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I really doubt V Beam can make your red marks worse... well it actually does but only temporarily and then gets better... supposedly. I mean it doesn't actually touch your skin really, just the blood vessels under which burst at high settings causing bruising which clears up in 2 weeks to a month... just hang in there it should get better.

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