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Hello everyone! :D I created a blog with this as the first post as well but I've decided that making a log will probably reach more people and be more accessible to those seeking help/feedback regarding the regimen. I'll use this log to track my progress but might use my blog as well so check that out too if you wish. Otherwise here's the same thing as in my blog:

So I've been on the acne.org regimen for two weeks now, but I decided I want to make a log to keep track of my progress. I'm thinking this will be good for me, kind of like a diary to vent my thoughts, as well as keep me consistent on the regimen. And hopefully there's at least someone out there who will read this and find it helpful or at least be entertained by making fun of me :rolleyes: whatever haha I just want to show myself and maybe others what the regimen is doing. So far I'm pretty darn happy with it :dance: This post will probably be long but I'll try to keep it short and just introduce myself and then fill in my experiences thus far in another post.

So first just a little about my particular situation:

-I'm an 18 year old female and have had acne in some form since 6th grade :wacko: I was an early bloomer...

-My acne is probably considered mild to moderate, but it varies since it's hormonal

-I usually have closed comedone type acne on my cheeks, the kind that are only really visible when I pull the skin taut

-I almost always have at least one or two "active" blemishes that wouldn't even be that bad if I didn't exacerbate my problem with picking (a problem I'm working on :blush: )

-I usually get a predictable cystic breakout a week before my period, one to two on my chin and/or cheeks

-As I said I've been on Dan's regimen for two weeks ;)

Here's what I use:

Coastal Scents African Black Soap AM/PM

Proactiv Repairing Lotion (2.5% BP) AM/PM

Cetaphil Moisturizer AM/PM

Yeah, it's pretty simple. I don't want to speak too soon but so far my results with this have been pretty great. Like, a mere few days into this regimen and I could already notice a difference in the condition of my skin. I've always been a product junkie so I've never really committed to any one thing for that long (with a few exceptions) and I must say that's been my downfall. I've basically used these kinds of products for years, just not in the right way. I've always tried so hard to scrub my skin clear or massacre it with really harsh stuff but I know that's made my problem worse. My skin hasn't looked as good as it does now in a long time and I hope it keeps getting better :D I've been taking pictures throughout the past weeks so I'll post all those soon and continue to update them. I'll also try to write about my experience starting the regimen and anything that has happened up to this point. This is mostly to introduce myself in case anyone cares.

I hope this helps somebody out there who's going through the same stuff as me. Don't be afraid to comment with advice, constructive criticism, questions or just some encouragement; it's always appreciated ^_^

Here's some tidbits about myself besides my acne because there is more to me than my face:

I love nature, animals, anything outdoors (I'm a bit of a hippy ;))

I'm pretty straight edge, I live above the influence by personal choice.

I love reading, especially fantasy/sci fi. I'm a major nerd and don't care who knows it.

I love music! I'm into screamo, punk, rock, folk, techno...weird combos but yes, that's me =]

I'm a dancer; classical ballet and modern.

I enjoy painting and drawing and art in general.

I am majoring in psychology and minoring in French because I love the language.

So there's part of who I am...a lot of who I am actually haha but yeah, just so you guys have some idea of what I'm like besides my skin. It may not matter or be of anyone's interest but there ya go anyways. Take it or leave it :dance:

I'll get pics up soon and start updating.

Until then, peace ;)

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What other products did you use prior to starting the regimen?

Hmm pretty much just go to the drugstore, look in the acne section, and everything you see, I tried :lol: Seriously, though, I used a lot of Clean & Clear stuff, a lot of their cleansers, and a lot of salicylic acid stuff. Benzoyl peroxide always dried me out but duh, I always used the 10% kind. I used Oxy, Clearasil, Neutrogena, blah blah all those big brands. I would always use a medicated wash, always, because I thought that was best and that any other product that wasn't specifically for acne would break me out. I used the St. Ive's scrub a lot but turns out that was probably too irritating. Oh I used the Acnefree face wash a lot, the benzoyl peroxide kind, and thought that was working ok but it also irritated me. I tried the Clean & Clear Advantage system as well as some of the parts individually. That dried me out a lot. I used Clean & Clear Dual Action moisturizer for a verrry long time. It was my only moisturizer for probably 3 or more years. It was one thing that I stuck with because I loved how it made my skin feel, but now that I've eliminated it my skin has improved so I don't know, it could have been that (although I can't say because I never used that with the regimen). I used (and still occasionally will use) some home remedies, although I've had some..ahem...incidents. Don't put nutmeg on your face if your skin is sensitive...or cinnamon...haha I've been desperate. Oh I also used Proactiv but I couldn't follow it right since it was sooo drying. I also ended up paying for several kits I didn't even want but they sent them automatically so I just kept using the products as I could but not in a way that helped. Luckily though I avoided using the BP Repairing Lotion because now I have two bottles of it and it's actually working great with the regimen. This is getting long as I tend to rant on and on but yeah, point is I abused my skin with too many harsh products and never gave anything a chance to work. Maybe someday I'll do another post about products I like that aren't in my regimen at the moment because there's others I tried that I didn't hate.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I also currently use Nature's Cure (the stuff with the homeopathic pills). I've used it before and actually did see results without even really using the 5% BP, but maybe it's just the placebo effect haha. Anyways I've been using the pills and my skin is lookign good so who knows. I only use the 5% BP as a spot treatment on big spots.

This is far too long...but yeah, there's my history. Thanks for taking interest :D

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Ok so first I'll talk about my starting point and include the first set of pictures I took a few days into the regimen.

When I started the regimen I was pretty broken out. I actually started at the worst time of the month for me so don't be misled or anything, my skin is not always just like this. I had several cystic blemishes that I had picked at a lot so those were bad and quite large. Other than that I had my usual whiteheads that aren't that visible but are widespread so they really effect the texture of my skin more than anything. I also had red marks from recent breakouts and healing pimples that are more of what I typically have all month long. The parts of my face in the picture are literally the only places I ever breakout, with very few exceptions. My chin is only menstrual related cysts but I haven't had any recently. It's just my darn cheeks, which seem to stay marked up for so much longer than any other part of my face, so lucky me :rolleyes: . I never thought I'd take or post pictures of my skin looking like this (sans makeup) so be nice, although I know you're all in the same boat anyways. So yeah, here's about where I started two weeks ago (remember, the pics were taken several days after I started but it's the closest I have).


The pictures aren't that great and the lighting actually makes my skin look overall worse than it is I think (my dark room plus my laptop's flash thing). But at the same time it doesn't really show all the little bumps I have so I don't know. At least all the pics are consistent so progress can be seen, (which you will see as I continue to post my pics). :dance: You can see that at this point my face was pretty red from the BP but that has gone away a lot.

Thanks for looking. Peace ;)



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Ok, so here are pictures from several more days into the regimen. You can see my major blemishes are fading but more noticeable for me was an overall improvement in the tone and texture of my skin. It's hard to portray in pictures since slightly different lighting and angles along with different times of day or if I had just done the regimen can effect how it ends up looking in the pics. Trust me, though, it looked better already :D

post-133410-1280444773_thumb.jpg post-133410-1280444765_thumb.jpg7/22/10

So this was three days after the last set of pictures, about 5 days after I had begun the regimen. I can't remember exactly what day I officially started as I had a day or two of just using benzoyl peroxide at night to see how my skin would react. I'll set my official start day as 7/17/10 haha that's when I began using it consistently which is what the regimen is about.

At this point I was already getting excited because I could see the changes happening. I felt very in control if that makes sense, like I was no longer just fighting my skin but I was manipulating it to do what I want. Maybe I'm just crazy and overly-optimistic but it felt good no matter what ^_^



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Day 9

So nine days after I had begun the regimen, I got some random breakouts that seemed to pop up overnight :wacko: BUT I had read the "what to expect" page and saw that it was completely normal and expected so I didn't feel too discouraged. I pretty much just got some pimples on my right jawline area and one monster on my left cheek. That big one was pretty deep but literally came out of nowhere. Usually I feel them coming haha but it was a very weird kind of blemish, not what I normally get. I just left it alone for a long time, even though I was tempted as eff to pick at it. It wasn't really as red as it appears in the pic but it was noticeable and large. The ones on my jaw line were smaller and felt more like they could be popped, but were red without a head so I tried to leave them as best I could. Sorry I don't know every technical name by the way :huh: haha. Well anyways, aside from those blemishes my skin continued to improve overall so not too bad :D

post-133410-1280445594_thumb.jpg post-133410-1280445583_thumb.jpg7/25/10



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Day 12

Woo hoo, I'm caught up now ^_^

So these pics are pretty much where I'm at now. The cyst on my cheek started to break open on its own two nights ago so I just tried to clean it out but it bled and all that jazz so it has been scabby. Good news is that since I didn't pick it like a maniac, it is almost healed now! It's amazing how quickly it has been fading. I know there will be a red mark there for probably at least a week but it will be very faint. I put a dot of 5% benzoyl peroxide cream on it before it popped and since it popped I've been putting a dot of polysporin on it at night and it has kept it from getting dry and gross. It's easily covered with makeup now as it is flat with just mild scabbiness. I have found this method to work very well for me, drying the active pimples and uber-moisturizing the healing ones. You can see on my right jawline that one of those pimples has become a red scab thingy (I admit, I picked at it a tiny bit... :doh:) but it's totally flat as well and healing up quickly. Overall I'm still ecstatic about where I am right now! :dance:


By the way, my goal is to not wear any makeup while on vacation this upcoming week. I haven't been wearing anything but a dot of mineral foundation on that big spot so I'm getting more and more comfortable with the idea. I'm going to be swimming and sweating outside so I would rather stay makeup free; plus it's meant to be a relaxing vacation so not worrying about makeup will definitely be great. Will I be brave enough not to bring any along with me? We'll see :lol:

Oh if anyone has any tips on staying clear while on vacation that would be awesome. I always tend to get a breakout about halfway through and it sucks. Does this happen to anyone else?

Thanks for reading ;) peace



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Day 13

Ok so I'm counting this as day 13, even though it's technically day 14 :shhh: oh well. So there's not a whole lot of change since yesterday. My red marks are fading quickly and the big one on my cheek is on its way out. I wore zero foundation or concealer to work today and didn't feel self conscious at all so that's an amazing feeling. For once I feel like my skin is a nice feature on my face and I feel like I'm glowing haha maybe it's just my imagination but who cares, it feels good.


(I took these right after work so this should be the grossest I look all day! haha not too bad in my opinion)

I'm finding that these pictures are actually not doing justice to how good my skin is looking, especially today's (the flash is too bright or something). They make my skin's texture look worse than it does in most lighting and it accentuates the red marks. When I look in the mirror my skin looks so much more even and glowy and it actually has color haha. I can't describe how good I'm feeling about it :dance: usually if my skin is this clear (which will occasionally happen in a small window of time after one month's breakout and the beginning of the next month's) there are already smaller pimples forming around my jawline and cheeks, but nothing new is forming. The little whiteheads remain but I feel a lot smoother so I think they might be starting to go away. In a few weeks I want to get an AHA or BHA product to hopefully help those more. Can anyone recommend which is better? I want Paula's Choice BHA or maybe Dan's AHA....I need advice on that though.

Anyways, I'm kind of drier today; I got a bit flaky around my mouth area after cleansing in the pm, but I very lightly scrubbed with a bit of sugar and applied the BP and moisturizer and now it feels fine. Not red or flaky at all. Maybe I'll have to go a little easier on the BP for a day or two.

Oh yeah! I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow morning so this will be my last post for about a week. I'm going to a lakeside cabin :D but unfortunately there's no internet or anything (cellphones don't even get reception there). I'm really hoping I don't have to come back and report terrible skin because vacations seem to do that for some reason. I'm going to try really hard to stick to the regimen religiously despite the serious relaxation I'll be doing. I'm pretty sure I can go without makeup the whole time if my skin stays like this. I don't think I'm even going to bring any. I'm going with my boyfriend and his family and they've all seen me without makeup with much much worse skin so I think I'd be fine regardless.

Alright, well wish me luck on vacation :lol: I'll continue the log on day... :eh: *looks at calendar*....21! I think haha hopefully I'll have crystal clear skin to report.

Goodbye for now! peace ;)



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