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Popped a pimple above the lip last night- lip even more swollen this morning!!!!!?

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i popped a premature cystic acne last night. it was growing above my upper lip, on the skin between the lip and the nose in the center where the 'groove' is. i got carried away and popped it harder than i should. there was a sharp pain and the are immediately began to swell. 10 minutes later the middle part of my upper lip was swollen and felt numb. woke up this morning and the swelling had even increased with prevailing numbness. now, 10 hours later, the swelling has gone down slightly along with residing numbness. however im still concerned that this could cause a permanent deform. i'm guessing that i could have pinched a nerve and the damage more severe than just simple irritation. has anyone gone through such mishap like mine? please help. thanks.

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oh i doubt its anything that severe. it simply sounds like you popped it too early and when you did, you didnt get all the gunk out and its inflammed more. you can wait a few days for it to come to a head, or ice it to speed up the process. alternatively you did a great job and got it all out and its simply healing ;)

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