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i'm on accutane...

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hi, i'm new here so before i start, i apologize for bringing up a topic that's probably been discussed to death (i read the faq's but didn't find any answers that specifically deal with my situation).

well, to give you a brief introduction, i'm a 26 year old female who after having healthy skin for two decades began dealing with acne in the recent years. the curtrent dermatologist i'm seeing now prescribed accutane and i've been on it for a month. while i'm seeing improvement in the amount of acne, i do notice that on my nose, my pores have become exponentially larger. what's worse is that in these scars are chunks of semi-soft oil which fall out with washing or rubbing but reappear within an hour. they aren't whiteheads or blackheads. a few of these pores have formed into permanent scars without any chunks in them. what are these chunks? and why are my pores becoming so large? and, why are they forming into big scars? and, why are some of the pores connecting with other pores to form wrinkles(fissures)?

also, this is probably an inane question but why is it that my former acne scars look subtle in cool temperatures but as soon as the temperature rises above 90, all these red dots(signifying every pimple i've had in my past) shows up on my face? what can i do to stop this?

thanks in advance.

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