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So its almost been a year since I finished my 5 month course of Accutane. Im 18 I weigh 130 pounds, I was on 30mg a day for 5 months. My skin was amazing for about 7 months, then acne slowly starting creeping back up on me. However it was easy to control.

HOWEVER, now I am breaking out ALL the time. I get pimples on my neck and chest ( could be ingrown hairs as i shave these areas) Flare ups are worst on my chin, cheeks, and jawline. Its getting out of control. Should I be going back to a derm for Accutane ( which scares me to put that in my body for a second time ) or do I try one of Cliniques systems?

Please help.

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moved to the accutane posts. you'll get more people who are familiar with what you are talking about and more able to help you in this section than you would in the one you posted it in.

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i'm not a fan of clinques systems, they never really did anything for me. I would go back to the derm, i heard topicals work better after accutane, so maybe try them first, if not then maybe accutane again. That's what i'll do if mine comes back. Also your originally dose was low for your bodyweight and time, you wouldnt of hit the cumulative dose of 120-150mg which puts you at the best chance of permanent remission.

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