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RE: Dr. Yarborough and Retiring

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Hey Fainhart,

I completely share your sentiments about wanting Dr. Y to stay on and I do think it's important to thank Drs. like him after receiving such humane treatment and fantastic results. He and his office assure that he is not planning to retire any time soon. I would just add, though, that my impression is that he and Cassandra may be a little overwhelmed by this board and by the syndicate of information circulating about him--I suspect he's a but bashful in this regard =).

But, as much as I share your thoughts, it sounded to me like his office is constantly receiving calls from people terrifiedly asking about retirement--so much so that it is getting a bit much. Actually, I'm pretty sure that Love once posted that when she asked about this, they not only told her the answer was no, but they also told her to broadcast to everyone that this was just a rumor. I'd just be a bit worried about overwhelming or pestering them.

I don't mean to challenge your advice, but I just thought I'd throw in this thought. Not sure what the right answer is.


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Quick note, Dr. Y. did iquire about the board when I was there he seemed curious. I wonder if he asks a lot of people now about it.

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He did mention it to me, Ann Marie. He laughed and said, "I didn't know about this board." And I didn't even bring it up.

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