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Had Affirm CO2 today...and follow up on Palomar Starlux

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Had the Affirm CO2 fractional laser today. One pass over my whole face and 2 over scarred areas on my cheeks. I wanted to post befores, but I can't find any pics that show the scars well. They took pics in the office so I'm gonna try to get those.

My scars were mild to in my opinion severe. Atleast very moderate. Rolling, and some white scarring, don't know what the term is for that, but there is no pigment at all in it. Also lots of redness and red marks. Just horrible skin tone overall.

I had the Palomar Starlux non ablative laser 3 times about 1 and a half years ago. My results overall gave me probably a 15% improvement with that.

I paid almost 1700 dollars for this procedure. The Doctor said I should expect about a 50% improvement (not counting on it), and suggests I have 2 more at half price focusing only on the scarred areas. After all that he says I should see 80% improvement. I'll post more pics as I heal.

Wanted to add that the pain wasn't bad at all, but had an intense burning sensation for several hours after. Tonight it feels a little hot still and really tight. Also had some pinpoint bleeding.



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As far as I know there is no cure for "white scars". People used to get hypopigmentation alot after Co2 laser (fully ablative). This caused them to have a "demarcation line" between the untreated are and the treated area because the untreated area still had all the pigment. Then what they tried to do against this is try to blend the treated area with the surrounding skin, by "removing" some of the pigment in the untreated area.

Luckily you are fair, so hypopigmentation isn't that bad.

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Well still healing and it's taking longer than I'd like. I'm supposed to go back to work Monday and I'm worried about being able too. Skin is crusting over and brownish in most places, some areas still swollen and very red, mostly the cheeks. It's getting really itchy and uncomfortable. Anybody have any ideas for creams to speed the healing?? Still just using Aquaphor.

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vitamin e oil helps with inflammation but I'm not entirely sure what your healing process is supposed to be like. Try not to pick the scabs, let them heal and hopefully you will see improvements in your scars.

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