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Hi guys, I am just looking for some advice.

I am a 22 year old male, relatively fit and healthy.

I have had acne for at least 4 years now, not extremely severe but it does affect me greatly and I really want to get rid of it.

I have been on lyme, oxy and minocycline and erythromycin. Non made much difference at all even after months of use. I have tried most non-prescription topical creams as well as some prescription items.

The doctor simply seems to suggest a different one each time I go back and say there is no difference. I simply am sick of going back and being fobbed off with a different antibiotic, yet I dont know what else to ask or suggest to her.

I have had microdermabrasion which made little difference and Isolaze which was too expensive to maintain.

If I exercise it gets much worse and I get cysts that sometimes last months. The doctor thinks its linked to growth hormone levels but I am 22 now and was hoping to be growing out of this soon.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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if you are not afraid of accutane I would say to try it. In these cases where topical creams dont work, accutane is a "last resource" that can transform your life.

From my personal experience and an ex low dose user - (65kg - 20mg) it literally changed my life.

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Ask for a Dermatologist referral, if your GP isnt helping.

I wasted precious months because my doc kept prescribing me the same thing over and over when it clearly wasnt working. Eventually i had to beg for a referral and was eventually put on accutane. But im not saying you should go on it but the dermatologists have a wider range of medications in their arsenal that they can prescribe than gps do.

Good Luck!

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Consider going to your dermatologist and demanding a prescription for Roaccutane. Describe your type of acne and then make sure to mention all the various attempts you've made to clear your skin thus far. (products/treatments/surgical procedures etc)

The fact that your acne has not responded to conventional therapy (e.g. antibiotics and topical products) makes you a prime candidate for use. Also, by the sound of things your acne is a level 3 type and only a strong systematic treatment can cure it. In my experience dealing with patients I have noticed that both systematic and topical antibiotics simply don't provide enough treatment for 'nodulocystic' acne.

As for the concern of your age, your hormones are a partial, influencing factor of your acne, hormones alone cannot cause acne, you can expect to have it till the age of 30. 'Post-adolescent acne only usually begins to slow down for patients after the age of 25 and should drastically improve by 30. With that said though, I'm sure you don't have the patience to live with the condition for even another year so, again, consider Roaccutane.

DO NOT CONTINUE MICRODERMABRASION SESSIONS while suffering from cystic acne! Big mistake.

Tips on how to control your acne type ('nodulocystic acne):

Avoid a high carbohydrate diet, supplement with zinc, selenium and omega-3 oil capsules. Drink water often. Continue to exercise, it will prove beneficial to your psychological well being while suffering from acne.

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