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SKin cannot absorb full amount of BP?

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FIrst of all i'd like to say hi to all the members of acne.org, ive been visiting these forums for a long time now but haven't joined until today. I started the regimen a while back, and am currently in the dryness/redness/flaking stage so that part is going fine, so hopefully the other stages will come with time :dance:

My question is that I just upped the amount of BP used to the full amount (1 thick finger full), and no matter how long I rub it in, it just will not absorb fully into my skin. It always leaves a sort of tacky, white residue, and though this isn't a problem for me now in the holidays, it will be when i return to school in 6 weeks time.

The Benzoyl peroxide does dry after 10-15 minutes, however as soon as I sweat the tiniest bit, or wet my face, it mixes with the BP and suddenly my face is dripping with a sticky white liquid :shifty:

Any advice on how to avoid this short of stopping the regimen will be greatly appreciated, as I really want to be clear by the end of the 6 weeks. Many thanks in advance :)

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yeah me too i'm getting that also, that's why i feel so uncomfortable if i sweat...

okay here's what happened when I apply BP: it dries after a while, but if i touch it with water and i can feel all the BP dissolve and wash off, but I thought my face is suppose to absorb it? Instead it feels like it just dries on my skin without absorbing, is that what it's supposed to do?

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i had this problem a 8 months ago, just lower your amount until the skin fully absorbs everything.

Eventually go up slowly until you've reached the highest amount that you believe the skin can no longer take in.

Having excess bp on your face isn't always good. It get's drying sometimes without doing anything good for the skin.

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Thanks for the replies, Im currently using PanOxyl 2.5%, as I can't afford the shipping on Dans BP. Yes, I'm letting my face air dry, but thanks maybe I will gently bring the dosage up instead of doing it all of a sudden :D thanks

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