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Reflection - what I have learnt

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Hey people, It has been a while since I started a thread on these boards, mainly because I am now happy with my achievements and goals, yes i still get spots but everybody does and so you must learn to live and deal with them accordingly. everybody is different so please dont be hard on yourself.

The reason I am writing this is so that it may help with some people and they to can try and adopt some of my advice etc, i guess most is common sense but at least you will see "less can be more" as i know i went mad with products and regimes when i first started looking for answers.

firstly, the things I have learnt in order to have good as possible skin are :

Cleaning your face with a cleanser that is suited to your skin! simple but i never used to do this.. now i use paula's choice cleanser and its great! I will do this once maybe twice a day (morning night) it depends how my skin looks/feels etc cause sometimes you need to leave your face alone in order for its acid mantle to revive itself!

Exfoliating I can usually spot when my skin is needing exfoliating I will be showering and rub my nails over my nose and around the nose area, if i pick up lots of dead skin under my nails then it indicates that i probably need to scrub a little,

so I will use a light face scrub to do this, crucial step after this is to moisturise! again i never used to do this step and I have learnt just how important it is...

I used to think that moisturiser would give me spots.. now i have learnt that not using one does!! and its because of my dry combination skin type, basically dry skin will produce more oil to the dry ness, but because the outside layer is dead and dry the oil "clogs" and you will get those under the skin type spots, and occasionally an inflamed white head (again this is my skin i am referring to)

so pick up a moisturiser, this is the hardest thing, its taken me about a year to find one that likes my skin and wont break me out, its the paula's choice hydrating cream, for dry sensitive skin

(for the record i am not advertising paula's choice!)

I think exfoliating and moisturising are the 2 crucial ones though.

The other essential step or key to good healthy skin is eating healthy and getting exercise. I work out, play football, and just started running also. combine this with my body building fat burning diet, skin is thanking me for it. nothing better than a 4 mile run and getting all that sweat or alcohol out from the night before lol.

If you smoke and want good skin then im sorry to say you will need to quit asap!

In terms of supplements, I used to take multi vits etc and various tablets (10 a day or more) but tbh they never did any good i dont think looking back.

so moral of the story is just make sure you get fruit and veg down your cake hole : )

drink plenty of water, sip at it throughout the day (bottled)

when i can think of more things that help i will update this.


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