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Um Im beggining to believe what the 2 dermatologists ive met have said, in that diet does not matter at all. I was eating very heathily but i would fluctuate from one day getting better to another having a breakout, which would ruin all the previous weeks progress......

Anywho i think there is obviously some effect on your skin in eating healthily but if anything that may affect the way the acne looks but it is still there and is not solving the problem. My acne was slowly going away up till about 2 months ago when i had the most ridiculous breakout, it went from nearly clearing up to absolutely disgusting and i was on a strict diet.

So i would say do not stress out over keeping ur diet ridiculously healthy. I feel a bit wierd saying this because i was so sure that cheese was making my acne worse but im really not sure at all now.

Anywho im on accutane and im eating what i want and my skin is improving, i still dont have my confidence back because my skin is still a bit red in places and sometimes looks really really dry.

I was on 20mg for the 2 weeks and that started to clear up my skin with a little dryness, now im on 60 its more hardcore, my acne is improving more quickly. However the dry skin can sometimes look horrible, but for me its an easy price to pay to get my life back.

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Well before accutane i was eating very health gluten free and all that still breaking out, and after i eat something high in sugar or salt or spices i break out the next morning bad, now on accutane a little over a month im eating more things like chips sometimes and icecream and pancakes and i dont seem breakout. but still i think accutane raises cholesterol or something, but all your blood work will show anyhow

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i stuck to such a strict diet for so long with no results. then one day I caved - ate white bread, cake, biscuits, crisps the lot and the next day i woke up waiting for the breakout - it didnt come! so each day I have eaten something I cut out -ice cream, cheese, red meat etc and my face hasnt got any worse. DOnt get me wrong it has not cleared but I feel happier as I am not restricting myself or feeling guilty. There is nothing worse than feeling bad for eating a piece of cake or some chips!

Ive started accutane now so obviously eating healthy is a good idea and I will. I still eat salads and fruit and veg but if I want a biscuit then I will have one!

I did apple fasts cut out dairy and sugar and it really didnt work for me.

That said, some people do see results when they change their diet, but for a lot of people, it has no impact! We only live once, acne is enough to deal with, without not eating the nice things that we enjoy!

Eat crap - in moderation - and be haapy!!

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