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Pityriasis alba and tanning?

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I have a small dime white spot on my cheek and I have come to the conslusion it is "Pityriasis alba." I went to my dermotologist and he suggested to put Cortaid on the area once a day for a week and it should treat it. I have been doing so for about three weeks and haven't seen any results.

I am a very pale person so it blends in fine unless when I wash my face and my face turns red, then the white spot shows for a little. Well, I started tanning a few days ago and now my face is red/tanner and you can see the white spot. Is there any way I can cover this up with "something" or blend it in with some lotion? Also, if I am tanning...is there a chance this can spread or become bigger? Please let me know!

I am VERY pale and tanning is very good for my face as it blends in all the red marks and LITTLE bit of acne that I have.

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Well I have little knowledge of this condition, but clearly you should return to the dermatologist as the treatment they prescribed failed. They probably have alternative treatments lined up. I'm also unsure if it is testable what the problem is, so you should discuss that with your dermatologist and try to get a test out of them if possible.

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