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My Accutane Journal - 2nd Course (with pictures)

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Hey Acne.org,

I'll do my best to make this description as brief as possible.

I'm a 20 year old male with what I would consider mild/moderate acne that is predominantly located on my back around my mouth and on my neck. As you can see from my title this is my second go at Accutane. For those of you on Accutane at the moment don't at all be concerned by this. Accutane worked wonders for me for quite a long duration... 3.5 years of clear skin to be exact!

However over the past few months I'm noticing that its slowly but surely beginning to creep back on those problem spots on my body. I recognize that the acne I have now is not nearly as bad as it was before and I'm thankful for that. However once you experience clear skin for any amount of time whether it be a week or in my case nearly 4 years it's something you never want to lose. For that reason I went and visited my family doctor who informed me that a second course of Accutane is actually quite common. In hearing this I immediately decided that I would do another course.

My doctor has me set up on a replica starting dosage/duration as my first treatment in which I plan on starting tomorrow morning. It will be 60mg to start for a duration of 6 months. My first Accutane experience consisted of increases from 60mg to 70mg to 80mg over the span of my treatment. Considering the acne I have now is no where near what it was before I have a feeling 60mg will be enough to get the job done.

I have pictures that I've taken with my camera of my current acne situation and plan to post new ones as my treatment continues but I'm having trouble uploading them. I've tried using photobucket and also photoshack but the links provided don't seem to work. If someone could give me a brief explanation of how to post them I would do so immediately.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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