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So i have been doing this regimen for awhile(see down below), and my skin is good just not great. And i never noticed till now, that you are suppose to try to do the regimen at a 12 hr interval?

The thing is that i wake up at 520 to 6am in the morning depending when we start seeing patients. And the first thing i do in the morning is shower and do the regimen but i don't get home till about 6pm and i don't go to bed till like 11.

So i don't know if, i should do the regimen when i get home after i eat dinner (which i eat soon as get home). Or should i do the regimen right before i go to bed which is what i have been doing?

I don't really go out anywhere so i have no need to wear my makeup once i get home. Iam usually staying up studying.

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I thought this would be an issues with me as well. I do the regimen at around 6-7 a.m. and don't go to bed until about 10-11 p.m. But so far, after 1 1/2 weeks things seem to be going O.K. For me, I feel like if I washed my face when I got home, my face wouldn't be clean when I went to bed becuase I'd walk around or sweat if I took my dogs outside or whatever I needed to do. I'd say do it before you went to bed for a little while or do it once you got home for a little while and see which one works better for you.

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Ideally, you should be doing your Regimen applications twelve hours apart. I realize that that's not always possible, and if you're a couple hours off, it shouldn't matter. For best results, though, do your evening regimen as close to twelve hours after your morning regimen as you can.

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I have a weird schedule too. Sometimes it's just not possible to do the regimen exactly 12 hour intervals. As of right now (and for the past 3 months) because of my work schedule, I've been doing the regimen about 14 hours apart from each other and have had no problems. For you, I would take a shower in the morning before work (around 6am) and then do the nightly regimen around 8pm. You don't have to do the regimen RIGHT before you go to bed (I don't). As long as you're doing the regimen twice a day..between 9-14 hour intervals, you should be fine.

Hope this helps :)

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Thanks im going to try to do it earlier.

Sometimes i just get so caught up in work or just so tired especially friday b/c we go out of town to our other office and im there from 5 till 7 and i stay up till 12 b/c i want to relax and watch tv and i usually end up passing out for 2 hrs during that time. My schedule is crazy.

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