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surprise! sudden non-inflamed acne breakout.

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Hello everyone.

Recently last week and beginning this week I've been noticing a breakout that I haven't had in months (or a year). They are tiny pepper like comedones all over my right cheek.

I would like to pinpoint the cause of these breakouts and I want some help before I go a little crazy. It's good to get feedback. Please help =(

My Observation:

It seems that I break out only on my right cheek (inner, above cheek bone, lower cheek, but none on the jaw line) and nose. These breakouts formed in packs. They are exactly what I had before I began tazorac last year (which has helped tremendously. I can tell b/c my left cheek is super smooth).

The ones on my nose are noticeable without tugging the skin. The ones on my cheek are only noticeable as I tug my skin outward, when I massage and feel a sandy, grainy texture; and when I use direct lighting.

Recently I've been..(since last week and today)

Steaming (could steam bring out comedones?) + using Queen Helens Mint Mask (which never caused me to breakout and I refuse to believe that it did or is breaking me out. lol);

Using a scrub more often. It is called Soap and Glory scrub your nose in it. I have used this before and religiously for 2x a week and started using this b/c i'm scared of St.ives scrub. It may or may not have a comedogenic ingredient. All I know is that I've never used it this often before. I started upping the days I would scrub because of what was suggested on this site for comedones. I don't feel irritated so I can't tell.

I hope I'm not creating micro tears in my skin with this scrub. And if I did I would be getting red inflamed acne, right? I did break out with red zits(and i continue to breakout), but I think they were hormonal. Period ended 1 or 2 weeks ago.

Other info:

I have irregular sleeping patterns.

I am on solodyn.

A relative said that I may be having a late purge from Tazorac 0.05%. I've been using it daily and I don't remember if I ever purged. I don't even know what Purge is so some clarification would be great

I use Clean&Clear daily pore cleanser. I believe it has a major comedogenic ingredient (sodium laureth sulfate, 2nd ingredient after water).. I started using this at the beginning of May. It is not irritating and is used every night. If it did not break me out then, why now? Do you think it could be causing these pepper like comedones?

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I had inflammed acnes about one year ago . That was so boring and disgusting moment in my lufe. All people treat me with their backsounds and I felt unhappy. I have not faced non-inflmaed acnes in my face.

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