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Frankie Bond

Break out keeps on reviving.

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I really need help on this guys hopefully i can find some help or advise. I am 18 years old and i have a really bad break out around my mouth area this really frustrates me because of this i decide not to leave my house. It all started 1 week ago when i decided to shave my mustache area off a day later after i shaved this pustule or idk what is it came out. I had an important meeting that day so i followed acne.org how to pop a pimple guide it worked out great but this white liquid kept coming out i used toilet paper to wipe it off. the next day i wake up and i have like 3 or 4 of what i had yesterday it was a nightmare and the one which i poped came back even bigger. I find this type of acne to be annoying since it is not like the normal ones they are white and they can be really embarrassing. I tried putting on 10% Benzol (Clearasil) on each of the affected at night but the next day i would wake up and take a shower i would find that the area which i had put benzol was filled with this white stuff. I really don't know what to do if i put Oil free lotion on my face i am afraid that the infection will spread because i will be touching the infected areas and during this week my infection or breakout has spread even farther. I don't understand this has been my first break out since 5 months..

In the morning i shower use a cleanser on my face, I pad dry my face and leave it alone because if i rub something on it i am afraid the infection will spread, later at night I wash my face with a cleanser let my face dry and put 10% benzol on the affected areas.

Ps. sorry for the bad english

Here are some photos of my break out .





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