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New on regimen, problems with PAIN and redness

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I've never had what most people on this board would consider bad acne, but I have a terrible picking habit. So when I do have a bump or pimple, it's usually BAD. I rarely have a scab-free or wound-free face. So I found Acne.org, and great, now I'm using the Treatment.

This is is my fifth day on the Treatment, and after applying the Treatment last night, I noticed some splotchiness and redness. Also a little flaking and dryness, but nothing really worth mentioning. I told myself that this is normal. However, after applying Treatment this morning, my face is not only noticeably red and splotchy, it burns. An hour and a half after completing my morning routine, it still burns. I knew there could be some "discomfort," but this is pain beyond discomfort. On the bright side, this could cure me of my picking habit, simply because it hurts too much to touch my face.

Please, someone tell me that this is normal and will all go away - soon!

While I haven't established a set routine yet, I'm working on it. I like simple and I like cheap, so I'm trying to use up what I have before I buy "approved" cleansers and moisturizers.


Cleanse: Aveeno Moisturizing oatmeal bar

Treat: Acne.org Treatment

Moisturize: Clean and Clear Morning Burst shine control


Cleanse: Olay Daily facials (I don't know what kind because it was a leftover refill package - it's what I use to get my makeup off)

Treat: Acne.org Treatment

Moisturize: Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference (a past present from my Mom)

I am having difficulty with gentle application, simply because the pea-sized amount of treatment starts drying before I feel like I have spread it over my face enough. Working on that still.

This may be a stupid or redundant question to veteran members, but I really do need help with this, or at least a little reassurance that things will get better.



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