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HONEST REVIEW: Acne Free in 3 Days

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It's been a while - half a year to be exact - since I obtained this book through a member of Acne.org. I couldn't have been more grateful. The acne e-book market is overwhelmed with false claims and dishonest reviews from people who are fuelled by money, hence making it hard to find an accurate, truthful and honest review of a product. Without this site, I would have given up $40 for nothing new. My aim now, is to make a review of every e-book out there, so that people will not be in the same position as me when it comes to purchasing e-books. My first unbiased review will reveal the truth behind Acne Free in 3 Days and what you get for the $40 price tag.


- Beginning: The first c. 20 pages entail an Introduction "section", including his own 10-page personal story.

- Middle: The method of eating apples and performing enemas for 3 days are detailed, including how to maintain results by changing a few dietary principles and introducing supplement intake.

- Ending: Concludes the book by providing a few short pages on removing scars and resisting acne methods, including a section on final thought and FAQ's.

Personal Opinion

- I believe this book may help sufferers with a light to moderate acne condition, but has no where near the capabilities to help sufferers with cystic acne.

- Severely over-hyped: Gibson engages his audience by claiming he has an "unknown secret" to "permanently curing acne". The truth is, the unknown secret is a 3-day apple fast, which is part of the diet concept that a vast number of people know about already in depth.

- Not a permanent solution for anyone; may grant you a couple of weeks clear skin as your body adapts to a dietary change. Other than that, crystal-clear skin will not be achieved through this book.

- The book does not justify the expensive price tag. The book is far too shallow to effectively fill 72 pages with content-rich information. Instead, about 40 pages includes content we did not want, such as his story and advertisements of other books.

- Finally, there is no significant research or fresh information inside - it's just a case of obtaining information from the internet that we already knew, and then selling it for a price.


Not a note-worthy or original book, yet it may help people with moderately light acne. It has many disadvantages, but it still is an entertaining book to read; with an easy-to-read font and layout, coupled with an engaging story, it is not an entirely disappointing read. However, in my opinion, this is a book that is severely over-hyped by affiliates, and was created for the intention of making money. (There was an affiliate link in the book which leads you to a shop selling enema bags... I think this link justifies why his intention of the book was for money).


Falls far short of what the sales letter promises; I would save your money and stay away from this book.


- Next review: Acne No More by Mike Walden

- Required E-Book for Future Review: Mr. X Says

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