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My methods, working very effectively for me

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Hey everyone i'm just writing to put out my methods on clearing acne, I thought i'd make this because I know how much of a massive pain it is and how much it can effect ones personal life/social life and self confidence.

I gained mild acne from basically eating greasy foods, drinking sugary drinks etc.

I know everyones skin is different and different skin reacts in different ways. For me, my method is simple and effective.

Everynight before I'm going to bed, I wash my hands thoroughly and I rub sudocream into my cheeks (the affected area), its extremely thick so you could potentially clog up pors, luckily my skin seems to like it. I rub a fair amount in so its absorbed but at the same time leaves my cheeks white, I when simply dab bits of sudocream on top of little spots/breakouts.

You can find sudocream here -> http://www.boots.com/en/Sudocrem-Antisepti...Cream%20%20125g

In the morning, wash my hands again thoroughly then jump into the shower, I gently wash my face with warm water ONLY (no soap). After I dab my cheeks dry with a CLEAN towel (this is important). Then I use a tea tree and peppermint spot stick to dab onto individual spots (this seems to dry them up and shrink them).

You can find my spot stick here -> http://www.superdrug.com/Problem-Skin/SUPE...-8ML/invt/81159

and DONE, thats my method, its simple as its not cloging my skin with different products and also lets my skin breathe!

Other tricks I try to abide by are getting a good amount of sun (creates a natural vitamin D), excerise is important (I play football/run alot), drinking water and getting your 5 A DAY! (fruit, vedge), change to clean pillow cases regularly, and try to remain clean shaven (this removes dirk cloging up hair and entering skin) I also take a multi-vitamin every morning.

You can find my multi-vitamins here -> http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Complete-A-Z...180%20Tabletsbr

I feel this has worked for me massively, it doesn't clog your skin up and (fingers crossed) its working like magic for me. I know how much acne can effect people so I thought I'd try my best to help people tackle it, let me know if you try my method, for me, it works better than anything I've ever tried before.

GOOD LUCK :clap:

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