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Just started regimen and I need some clarification!

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I understand that I'm supposed to use the various products only in the morning and in the evening.

But... what about the rest of the day? Am I not supposed to wash my face at all? I'm working at a summer camp for the summer and also go the gym pretty much every day. Obviously that means that I sweat quite a bit. What the heck am I supposed to do?

Also, I couldn't find any of the recommended moisturizers that also have SPF. Is it alright if I just use the the moisturizer and then put suncreen on top of that? Are there any (widely available) sunscreens that you guys would recommend?


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If you're sweating a lot during the day, I'd recommend keeping a white towel with you, if possible, to gently blot away the sweat. Other than that, try not to touch your face during the day--just do The Regimen in the morning and evening, and that's it.

If you can't find a good moisturizer with SPF, you can apply sunscreen over the moisturizer.

The following two links are to websites that list comedogenic ingredients. You can research the ingredients in your sunscreen or any other product(s) and determine if any might be problematic.



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What about Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets? I use these when my face is really oily and its much more convenient than a towel. There are days in class where i'll go to the bathroom to just wipe my face off with one of these. Its a quick fix. They mean seem kinda girly but guys get oily skin too (thats why i'd run off to the bathroom to use these.)

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You can try to adjust your regimen schedule so it's stranger. Right after hitting the gym, do the regimen, then even if you have to use an alarm, just get up at a weird time in the day or night, do the regimen, and go back to sleep. I'm using my puppy-alarm to make the regimen easier than rushing or procrastinating in the morning or being really tired at night =P

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