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Medical Facial - worth the expense?

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Last week I went to the dermatologist and he recommended that I get a "medical" facial after explaining that a typical spa facial will more than like clog pores than purify them. I hesitated just because it is somewhat expensive - about $140 and I'm a student. He explained that most pores would be purified and current pimples would be "extracted". I'm interested in getting one also because I tend to break out in exactly the same places on my face over and over and I do not want to damage my skin and risk scarring if I can help it. I'm currently suffering from a potent mix of severe acne with cysts, etc on my cheecks and chin, upper lip. My nose basically looks like a strawberry. Maybe it will "unclog" my pores (?), especially because I see my pores rapidly enlarging in an unforgiving rate. What I want to know is have any of you gotten a medical facial? Did you see any worthwhile results? Did it make you break out after? Basically is it worth getting?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not sure all medical facials are the same. But if it is recommended by your dermatologist, I would get it done. When I used to have mine done, I would plan it so that I wouldn't have anything else to do later. Some areas would be reddish for the rest of the day, and they would advise that you not put anything on your face until the following morning at least. However, the next day I always saw an improvement.

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